Our New Partnership with Wings for Ewing Sarcoma

Wings for Ewing Sarcoma Fundraiser a collaboration between Anina Dancewear and Wings for Ewing Sarcoma.

Wings for Ewing Sarcoma, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, fights to find a cure for Ewing Sarcoma. Until that cure is found, they plan on empowering children and young adolescents currently in the fight. They believe their foundation serves a multi-purpose platform that looks to end childhood cancer for Ewing Sarcoma while also improving the quality of life for pediatric oncology patients. Medical grants will be given for Ewing Sarcoma research and activities will be planned for pediatric cancer patients; including young adolescents and adults 18 and older diagnosed with a childhood cancer. 

Mission of this Foundation

On average, 43 children will be diagnosed with some type of cancer each day. Of this, 12% will not make it. Ewing Sarcoma often has poor prognosis, especially when metastasized. Only about 70% of children will be cured. Teens often have a lower survival rate of 56%. For those diagnosed once the disease has spread, the survival rate is less than 30%. 80% of the time, Ewing Sarcoma is not diagnosed until metastasis occurs. No kid should have to endure the harsh treatment this cancer protocol calls for, nor should they have their life on a line from this deadly disease. Our mission is to eradicate Ewing Sarcoma and empower all types of childhood cancer patients so that they can spread their wings!

How You Can Help?

20% of all sales from these custom designed “Riley” and “Sophia” leotards and the matching Nicole skirt in periwinkle, will be donated to Wings for Ewing Sarcoma in support of our mission to fund medical research and find a cure to Ewing Sarcoma.  All of the fundraiser products will have the Wings for Ewing Sarcoma logo on the product picture to help you identify which ones. Only 4% of The National Cancer Institute’s funds supports childhood cancer research and almost none to Ewing Sarcoma. Let’s change that with your help. You can also donate directly to Wings for Ewing Sarcoma by clicking the button below.

Wings for Ewing Sarcoma
Wings for Ewing Sarcoma
Butterfly for Ewing Sarcoma

Custom Designed Dancewear

The top of the leotard pattern shown was exclusively designed for this great cause. We have incorporated the logo from Wings for Ewing Sarcoma in the pattern. Help us fight this battle against childhood cancer together by not only purchasing our leotards but spreading the word. Be a part of our fundraiser by posting a picture on social media in the leotard, tag us and tell our story.

“Cancer Does Not Define You”. You are in charge of your own story and you will always be “you”, no matter how much you may think or feel otherwise!